Adelaide Christian Schools is comprised of Sunrise Christian School, Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School, Whyalla, Sunrise Bethel Christian School, PNG and Faith Christian School, USA all overseen by a board in Adelaide. Our schools have a reputation and tradition for providing excellence in Christian education. As a group of 10 schools we have about 2000 students and over 200 staff. 


Our main goal is to establish a teacher training institution in Port Moresby, using Tabor Adelaide’s Bachelor of Education as a foundation course.

The goal will be to have well trained, qualified teachers in many of the cities, towns and villages where CRC, or any other interested church, has a presence. This network will also extend to other Pacific nations.

The first goal will be to offer a degree or certificate in either undergraduate or postgraduate studies in a teacher training facility.

Traditional teacher training methods and school structure are useful in many contexts; however, often innovation and a new methodology can be revolutionary. Therefore a secondary, but by no means a lesser, goal would be to provide basic teacher training for people from the villages and towns in Papua New Guinea. This would occur through a structure we have called a ‘LANT’ network (Literacy and Numeracy Trainees). These LANTs would be people who have been identified with a gift in teaching, to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills in their villages and surrounding areas.

The LANT’s would be nominated by the village to come to the teacher training facility for a short period to learn how to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills. During this time they would learn the basics, then have an opportunity to act as a teacher’s aide, and develop and hone their newly learnt skills in the demonstration school.

Each time a LANT attends the teacher training facility; their study would be credited toward a certificate, and eventually a Degree in Education, through Tabor Adelaide, if appropriate.

Once the LANT completes a prescribed number of units and is assessed as competent, they will be able to go back to their village and start a preschool to teach basic numeracy and literacy. After further study and once suitably qualified, the LANT will be able to start an elementary school.

We believe this ‘apprenticeship’ LANT model is a key to long-term, sustainable training for people in remote villages.

The CRC movement has committed to such a model and will utilise the opportunity with its 400+ churches. Other denominations that have infrastructure, and a system for monitoring their churches, have also shown interest and support in the model.

We know that when we educate a male, generally speaking we educate an individual. When we educate a female, we educate the family, and more generally, we educate the village and the nation. Educating and keeping females in school must be a priority.

Kofi Annan (Former United Nations Secretary General, International Woman’s Day, 2005) said ‘Study after study has taught us that there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. No policy is as likely to raise economic productivity, or to reduce infant and maternal mortality. No other policy is as sure to improve nutrition and promote health - including HIV/AIDS. No other policy is as powerful in increasing the chances of education for the next generation.

The model we propose will also intrinsically allow for the enabling of Goal 3 in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Our experience in PNG indicates there are also a number of needs that a LANT network could address. These would be the secondary role of training adults in the area of financial management and conflict resolution.

The school is the first stage of the model.

The PNG Minister of Education has fully endorsed our proposal and quotes

“Your proposal comes at a time when this country is in great need of teachers. I believe that we have reached a situation where the need for teachers is so great that it will take many more years of appropriate investment before the required number of teachers is available for the country to deploy to schools throughout the nations.” He goes on to say “… we are desperately in need of many more new teachers each year. I am therefore very happy indeed to hear of your plans and intention to assist our country through the establishment of a teachers training college.”

STAGE 2 - Staff Accommodation

We are so grateful for the number of businesses and volunteer labour from Australia to help the project get underway and near completion. 4 units are currently being built for staff accommodation and are due to be completed and fully furnished by donations towards the end of 2012. For updates on this progress please refer to our updates page.

STAGE 3 - Classrooms and Facilities

We are in great need to expand our current facilities in order to allow for continued growth and demand in our school. We are looking for donations and are fundraising to help this project. A GALA Fundraising Dinner is being held on September 22nd 2012 to help fund this project. We have a target of $50, 000. If you are interested in assisting in any way please refer to our GALA Dinner page for further information.


Three Australian teachers, Roger and Jill Tumes from the Adelaide Christian Centre and Caleb Cure from Sunrise Christian School, Marion, embarked on the journey December 2009 to start the PNG school. Along with some much needed assistance from some local staff the school got underway in January 2010. Maria Kave the Office Manager was on the original steering committee for the school a decade ago.

Our number of staff have increased over the years to cater for the much needed assistance with our growing school. We began in 2010 with 8 on staff, increased to 15 in 2011 and now we have 22 for 2012.

Our intention is to grow the school by a class each year. This requires the building of new classrooms and staff accommodation. These plans are well underway.

Roger Tumes Principal, Grade 3/4 Teacher
Jill Tumes Elementary Prep Teacher
Janet Givan Grade 2 Teacher
Dorcas Maiyap Principal, Grade 3/4 Teacher
Jacqueline Philemon Grade 3 Teacher
Roger Tumes Principal, Grade 3/4 Teacher
Matilda Agwi Grade 3/4
Sharon Tiripu SSO – Elementary Prep
Saphy Zanang SSO – Elementary 1
Mailau Charles SSO – Grade 3
Merilyn Mai SSO, Grade 3/4 Teacher
Shalom Virobo Trainee Teacher – Elementary 1
Catherine Katawara Trainee Teacher – Grade 2
Rene Soiat/td> SSO / PM Reader Exchanges
Ruth Ohue SSO / PM Reader Exchanges
Maria Kave Office Manager
Madline Yari Office
Tania Lugu Cleaner
Vicki Gimbat Cleaner
Stanley Buamea Security
Francis Michael Security
Max Benson Security